Welcome to the Knowledge Sharing Platform

The Knowledge Sharing Platform is a platform developed by Tech Against Terrorism to provide smaller tech companies with a collection of interactive tools and resources designed to support their operational and policy-oriented efforts with regard to developing and implementing an effective and human rights compliant counterterrorism response.

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Curated Industry Research

In-depth research and analysis on terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet. Including benchmarking of tech company policies and resources on the state of global online regulation.

Best Practice Tools & Guidance

Best practice support for policy and accountability through recommendations and model guidelines including on: content standards, prohibited content and behaviour, prohibiting and defining terrorism, as well as transparency reporting.

Tailored Advice & Training

Platform specific area with a personalised space for platforms to engage in online training and the possibility of platform interactivity through bookmarking essential resources.

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Tech Against Terrorism Services

How we can help you
    • Membership/Mentorship

      • Assessments are used to assess exposure and mitigative solutions
      • Invitation to sign the recognised TAT Pledge containing key principles promoting digital human rights
      • Accepted members are provided with a trademark to showcase their commitment to this process
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    • TCAP

      • Provide Information to Tech platforms about URLs containing terrorist content, media, or propaganda
      • Frequent URL alerts can be sent
      • URLs are curated by experts/academics
      • Free service, provided initial verification
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    • TaT News

      • Access to latest news in the fields of digital human rights
      • Updated alerts to updated international standards for terrorist content, media, or propaganda
      • Keep informed through the latest Webinars and events hosted or syndicated by TAT
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