Tech Against Terrorism

Knowledge sharing platform

The Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) is a resource available to members of the Tech Against Terrorism project. Created through consultations with the tech industry, as well as civil society, the KSP is a centralised portal to help companies prevent their platforms being exploited by terrorists.

Within the KSP there are various resources centred around the Emerging Normative Framework of the Tech Against Terrorism Project: Terms of Service, Content Regulation and Transparency.

  • Terms of Service:
    • Model Terms of Service guidelines, including features we believe companies should work towards including within their own, in order to help mitigate against exploitation by terrorists.
  • Content Regulations:
    • Visual tools to help companies understand the networks between UNSC sanctioned terrorist organisations and individuals.
    • Key terminology, collated through engagement with civil society and companies, that will aid the identification of potentially harmful content on members platforms, allowing them to review it systematically and remove it if in violation of their ToS.
  • Transparency:
    • Model Transparency guidelines for companies to utilise to help maintain user trust and protect human rights.

The KSP also has various tech specific resources, such as guidance on financial crime for financial technologies (fintech), and broader legislative resources, including an interactive state specific ‘Internet Intermediary Liability’ guide, that will enable companies to understand the different legislative standards of the states in which they operate.

In 2018, Tech Against Terrorism will be increasing the resources included in the KSP. These will include a Threat Alert Service and an Image Hashing database, that will assist companies with Content Regulation, and also sector specific resources such as fintech specific plugins that will assist with customer on-boarding processes.